The Eastern Party (Wanjirri, Seven, Nangelil, & Janek) find a tent in the center of town containing 2 watchmen, magically frozen. Vesper & Aislin recognize this tent as the place they were to meet the daemon, and the guards as the ones who had recruited them as spies. They are summoned to the temple that serves as the town watch’s headquarters. There they meet the Western Party (Liathan etc).

They question the captive daemon, Malon. It claims to be a low-level player in the Cabal, enslaved by It Who Knows, a powerful presence that communicates telepathically from its abode on Ichtheus. It has little information to share, but does agree to un-freeze the guards in return for death (to free it). It does direct the adventurers to a location on Ichtheus.
The watchmen have little to add, but do admit to spying for money, as well as to recruiting Vesper & Aislin. Malon is dispatched, and his loot distributed.



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